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Look to the sky, look to yourself and remember: we are only God’s echoes and God is Narcissus.

House of Leaves


I am not good at introductions. I do not like giving introductions. Thus, I will keep it simple.

Q Adult Creative Queer

Did you want to know more? Do you crave to create a picture of me from a few lines of 1s and 0s converted to digestible words on a screen? Put together whatever narrative you want of me in your head; I exist despite it.

For the sake of transparency, I will disclose some aspects of myself to you, dear reader. I emerged from the primordial soup circa ██████████, shed my exoskeleton for the first time and haven't been stopped yet. Eons afterwards, I would pause and gaze upward into the distant heavens, enamored by the universe's vast complexity. My favorite constellation is Orion. He is an old friend. Now, I consume science fiction and horror, the surrealism birthed from such a combination heavy in my belly.